My Sense of Community

What intrigues me most about any community, including San Pedro, is how residents, established and new, learn to fit in and bring change for the better. For my part, I love to give people new perspectives to help with change: To see themselves as part of both what was old and what is new.

What makes a community unique? It depends on where you are in that community. Are you a small business owner? A nonprofit organizational leader? A caregiver of someone with a fatal disease? A library lover? A hiker? An architect? An art lover?

Living in San Pedro, Los Angeles, I revel in the array of opportunity. I run a Little Free Library at my apartment building and contribute regularly to the Little Free Library at the Harbor Cities Police Station. I hike Palos Verdes Peninsula, and park myself on the rocky shores to write. I frequent both old and new restaurants, and have taken a ride on a Lime Bike to see more of the downtown LA Harbor.

As a former business owner, I’ve helped dozens of organizations connect better to their community. As a former full-time caregiver for someone with ALS, I am keenly aware how nonprofits can make life a little easier when disaster strikes.

I take on special projects that make sense, like helping leaders of a local nonprofit rebuild it’s membership and programming. Like rewriting a large municipal website from 10-year old copy. And publishing 5-6 municipal newsletters per year.